SUPPORT TEAMS (Supply and Logistics):

The support teams consist of those who are unable, unwilling, or ill-equipped for active duty. Their task is to provide whatever support is needed by the other units.


The Supply Team supports the company by procuring and delivering needed equipment and provisions. They may also be use as messengers between the CO and the tactical units.


Supply Requirements: Re-supply is a particularly important consideration for all mobile units and for protracted emergencies. Each unit must plan and provide for storage and independent caches of the following: food, fuel, clothing, shoes, shelter, medical equipment, combat equipment, arms, ammunition, and communications equip.


Purchase supplies in quantity and if possible, coordinate purchases with other individuals or groups for economy and standardization. Special attention is

recommended for establishing safe houses and unit caches at strategic locations within the units AO. Particular emphasis should be placed on the individual acquisition of a minimum of a one-year supply of food and water for each family member, and the secure storage of it.

The Medical Team supports operations by setting up and maintaining an aid station to receive and care for sick and wounded. There should be one member of each tactical team trained as a Field Medic. Field medics must see to it that a preventative medicine program is instituted and adhered to. Field sanitation and personal hygiene must be of paramount importance.

*NOTE* In many if not most cases, a militia company will not be at full strength; therefore, some personnel will have to do double duty. Because individual members may have to wear more than one hat; EVERY member must be trained in a Primary Skill and cross-trained in more than one Secondary Skill.